100% Compliant, On-Prem Chat App

#1 MS Teams alternative for secure communication

  • Private, protected conversations
  • Fully customizable to meet your needs
  • Secure cloud, on-prem, and air-gapped deployments
  • Integrations beyond Microsoft apps
  • Interoperability with MS Teams

Why security-conscious organizations choose Rocket.Chat over MS Teams?

Pro plan price
$6 /user/month
$4 /user/month
E2E encryption of all data
Unlimited channels and discussions
White labeling
Custom user roles with 180+ permissions
Federation capabilities
Customizable guest user roles
Open source license
Advanced customization options
Omnichannel customer communication
Secure cloud, on-prem, and air-gapped deployment

You don’t have to use MS Teams anymore.

MS Teams is now unbundled from the rest of the Office package. This gives you an opportunity to choose a secure, fully GDPR-compliant team chat and secure all your conversations.

Secure MS Teams alternative for privacy-conscious organizations

Secure your conversations

With MS Teams, you don’t control your data. Rocket.Chat supports secure cloud, on-premise, and air-gapped deployments for full data ownership and protection.

Integrate beyond Microsoft apps

Rocket.Chat works for any organization, regardless of their existing tech stack. It offers an ecosystem of app plugins across platforms, made available via our marketplace.

Customize according to your needs

MS Teams is proprietary software with virtually no customization options. Rocket.Chat lets you white-label and build custom user roles with more than 180 permissions.

Stay in touch with other
MS Teams users

Rocket.Chat lets you connect across platforms without installing another app. You can also enjoy secure, interoperable, and decentralized real-time communication between Rocket.Chat and any Matrix-compatible applications or servers.

Rocket.Chat gives you more for less than MS Teams

Pro plan price
Essential plan
Free with all premium features

Need more info?

Reach out to our sales team for detailed comparison between Rocket.Chat and MS Teams
Stefan Teubner
“Everyone at Volkswagen is very happy with Rocket.Chat. It speeds up collaboration and accelerates timelines significantly.”
IT Project Leader, Audi Business Innovation GmbH
Oliver Jägle
"At Deutsche Bahn, we chose Rocket.Chat over Mattermost. We chose Rocket.Chat because of the way they’ve always done open source. It was more interesting for us than other free products because it was clear that the major features of it, which are necessary for enterprises, were not being cut off the main code line.”
Software-Developer at DB Systel
Niki Papazoglakis
"We needed a highly secure messaging platform to communicate across US government agencies. Rocket.Chat met all of our requirements."
CEO at Mobility 4 Public Safety

More than just team collaboration

Extending collaboration to customer interactions
Rocket.Chat allows you to go beyond team collaboration and talk to your customers. You can manage customer conversations coming from multiple channels within a single, unified Rocket.Chat panel.
Simple and secure chat embedding
Connect users and channels on both platforms — allow them to send messages from their preferred app. Streamline communication on both platforms to boost your team’s productivity.

Connect with our sales team.

Our pre-sales and sales teams are happy to assess your needs and answer any questions about switching from MS Teams to Rocket.Chat.
  • See a custom demo of Rocket.Chat
  • Learn about extensive customization options
  • Get pricing information
  • Discuss your security goals and technology requirements