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Marina Hudek
November 23, 2021
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We’re excited to announce the launch of Rocket.Chat’s WhatsApp Business app, built to help businesses provide efficient customer service and seize new opportunities through the go-to messaging app for 2 billion users worldwide.

The app integrates Rocket.Chat into the WhatsApp Business API, with features for message personalization, automation, support management, and no-charge for user-initiated messages — giving companies greater ability to streamline their customer service efforts and flexibility to build an exceptional customer experience.

Why engaging customers on WhatsApp is crucial for growth

With over 100 billion messages sent daily, WhatsApp has become the #1 social channel to support and sell. It’s immediate, personal, and global in reach, making it great for customers to reach out to businesses.

The popularity of the app for customer care led to the release of the WhatsApp Business API, allowing brands to connect WhatsApp to their business channels.

However, implementing the WhatsApp Business API requires a third party to act as a Business Solution Provider and can be time-consuming. That’s where our app comes into play: it enables companies to register a WhatsApp Business account and sync it with Rocket.Chat, leveraging a unified, clutter-free inbox.

“Gone are the days of a customer journey divided into digital and a physical scenario. Delivering real-time B2C conversations on WhatsApp has become crucial for companies aiming to excel at customer support. And that’s exactly what this app is about.”

Renato Becker, Product Manager at Rocket.Chat

How companies can leverage the new WhatsApp Business app

The new app comes as part of our Omnichannel Customer Solution, available for all Rocket.Chat workspaces via the Apps Marketplace. 

Once you integrate WhatsApp into your Rocket.Chat workspace, you’ll be able to manage all WhatsApp interactions in a breeze:

⚡️ Have a single inbox to expedite customer service

Manage all WhatsApp messages from within Rocket.Chat, alongside other channels. 

⚡️ Go beyond text messages

Enrich communication with images, files, location, videos, and links. Use template messages to increase customer engagement and interaction.

⚡️ Manage sensitive information with peace of mind

Leverage end-to-end encryption and the enterprise-grade security of Rocket.Chat.

⚡️ Have centralized access to all of your customer conversations

Search all conversations as needed and never lose conversation history.

⚡️ Lead support teams to reach their full potential

Assign specific teams for WhatsApp. Stay in control with role-based permissions, intuitive dashboards, and real-time performance data.

It doesn’t end there. We partnered with 360dialog to provide a simple and transparent pricing structure. With Rocket.Chat’s WhatsApp/360dialog integration there are no hidden charges:

  • Monthly Marketplace app fee 
  • Monthly fee for each registered WhatsApp numbers
  • Facebook/WhatsApp messaging charges are billed monthly at 360dialog published rates plus applicable taxes

5 steps to add the app to your Rocket.Chat workspace

  1. Go to the Administration panel > Marketplace 
  2. Install the WhatsApp Business App. You’ll join an automatic Wizard channel. 
  3. Follow the steps to create a 360dialog & copy the API code provided.
  4. Back to Rocket.Chat, click on “Connect WhatsApp number”, fill out the integration details and click on “Connect”.
  5. Done! Now you’re able to handle all WhatsApp messages from within Rocket.Chat :)

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Marina Hudek
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