Product Roundup: Improved mobile app, admin and Marketplace interface and UX

Marina Hudek
June 3, 2022
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This quarter, we've worked hard to improve all product areas with new functionalities and enhancements. Continue reading to learn more about the latest features and improvements in team collaboration, omnichannel, and Marketplace.

Improved experience for agents assisting customers via mobile app

Today’s workforce demands flexibility. According to IDC forecasts, by 2024, 6 out of 10 U.S. employees will work outside the office, and by 2023, digital transformation and business volatility will drive 70% of G2000 organizations to deploy remote or hybrid-first work models. 

Customer expectations, on the other hand, remain unchanged. They want to be able to talk to companies whenever they want through the channel they prefer and get great service.

We want to enable our clients to keep their workforce connected with customers even when they're away from their desks, whether they're on the field or working from home. Using our mobile app, they can always be accessible to customers and collaborate with their peers on any iOS or Android device.

By constantly improving mobile app, our goal is to give contact center agents more flexibility and better experience in managing day-to-day tasks and offering customer service regardless of where they work.

Here are some recent mobile app improvements for Omnichannel:

➡️ On the redesigned home screen, agents can manage the ongoing conversation, but also, depending on the routing system algorithm in use, check which chats are waiting for an answer. 

➡️ A redesigned queue indicator is now available for companies that use the Manual Selection algorithm, which allows agents to see highlighted chats waiting in queue list view and take one rather than being automatically assigned to chats.  

➡️ The chat preview screen has also been improved so agents can first understand the nature of the consumer's issues and then join the chat with context, resulting in a better and more satisfying experience.

➡️ In addition, a new CTA is now available in the chat screen's action list: the ability to temporarily put a given chat on hold, which is already available on our web client and allows live agents to temporarily put chats on hold when they are stuck due to other business rules, such as the maximum number of concurrent chats that each agent can serve.

➡️ A long-awaited UI enhancement is also now available: channel icons for omnichannel conversations. With this new feature, agents can easily identify the channel from which each conversation is coming. That is, agents will be able to respond to those conversations based on the level of attention each channel receives.

All Omnichannel mobile app improvements are available for Enterprise users. 

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Rocket.Chat available in more languages

Rocket.Chat is now available in 63 languages, and all product content in German, Spanish (Spain), French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Arabic has been reviewed and improved in order to achieve a higher level of quality.

Enriched Administration panel 

New Fully Featured tab and page

This new tab and page in the Administration panel allows you to fully explore and utilize Rocket.Chat's capabilities.

There are two states in the new tab. The first is to make people aware of existing features that may be tried out for free. The second state explains how to make the most of them.

Redesigned Settings tab and page 

Rocket.Chat is very flexible thanks to the vast number of settings that allow you to configure your workspace the way you prefer. We understand that managing all those settings can be tricky. That's why we redesigned the Settings panel interface to make it easier to find what you're looking for by using cards and descriptions.

The Marketplace’s revamped UI 

We're excited to finally show the new UI we've been working on for the past quarter.

The apps now provide more information and details, and the overall experience of configuring and checking the apps' logs has improved.

If you are a Publisher, you can now use markdown in your app description during the submission process to provide a better experience for users. You can also include screenshots to complement your content.

This is the first but important step in implementing various enhancements. We’ll be improving the installation process, the app listing experience, and adding new amazing apps to our catalog in the near future. Keep an eye out.

New Trello App available on Marketplace

As a team collaboration solution, we are always looking for ways to make collaboration more efficient, so recently we announced a new Trello app available on our Marketplace for paid workspaces. 

By integrating your Rocket.Chat workspace with Trello, you can avoid the time-consuming task of switching between tabs and tools to keep updates on both platforms up-to-date. Manage communication, collaboration, and task organization from a single Rocket.Chat interface and watch team productivity and efficiency rise.

🚀 Please visit the official release notes for the whole list of improvements and bug fixes in the latest versions.

🚀 Check all improvements in the latest mobile app release here.

What’s coming next?

Interested in Rocket.Chat's roadmap? Recently we hosted a live session during which our CEO, Gabriel Engel, and VP of Product, Chris Skelly, revealed new features, improvements, and integrations for the rest of 2022. To learn more, watch the Roadmap reveal session recording. 

How to update your workspace to the latest Rocket.Chat version?

SaaS workspaces

The release happens automatically on our cloud, so no further action is required from your side. However, remember that upgrading instances might take a few weeks since we wait for the more stable release, so please reach out to our support team if you need to update your version sooner.

Self-managed workspaces

Depending on the installation mode, you might need to update your server manually. Check out our documentation for instructions.

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